We are a growing network of national churches, united in Christ
to glorify God by serving member federations as they equip and develop healthy churches.

Tampere Finland

Tampere Finland venue for the IFFEC Theological Conference in September 2016


Upcoming Event:  September 20-23, 2016 in Tampere FINLAND.  IFFEC Theological Conference. Held every four years (last held close to Athens, Greece ). Please reserve these dates now. The Theological Committee met in September to work on  planning Theological Committee in Finland

JOINING HANDS FOR MISSIONS in Norway June 13-18, 2015 was a very positive time. We look forward to reports as to how this time has repercussions in the national federations. Send us your news of new and revitalized churches and we will share that here. For pictures see Norway Facebook page post. For pictures of the follow up consultation in Spain Church Planting Consultation (Oct 15)


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